The industry is too large to know everything. I wear out a factbook pretty quick. They promote work life balance.

There is a book that lists the names of some--but not all--of the people associated with the stars. In so many words, he said clandestine ops was basically making bros with foreign contacts and secretly trading them briefcases of money for information. I had seriously considered it at one point. Try to take one class including interpretation of aerial photography (usually a geology class). I know that sounds like a “duh” thing but you never know.

Completely wrong. Even during the cold war, the life of a CIA spook was pretty boring, and wasn't that dangerous, either.

No because they underpay for people in my field. There are applications for the clandestine service on the cia website. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. They send you to those after you're already a part of the IC (Intelligence Community). 2 years ago. The analysts had concluded just the opposite, but that wasn't the conclusion Dick Cheney wanted to hear, so they "fixed" it. An absolutely first-rate government Network Operations analyst once said that presenting at DefCon would be, quote, "career suicide". Last time I checked, there were 117 stars, and that represents all the way back to 1947. I have a good resume and work history, but my skillset is kind of broad, so I'm not sure a recruiter would look at it and immediately think I'd be a good fit. I'd start by reading through the Army manuals on intelligence, Psychological Operations, and books like Chinese Intelligence Operations. "Intelligence Research and Analysis" is good. I was wondering if I should pursue a graduate degree in political science/international relations/regional studies? Have an impact by helping US policymakers as they take on the United States' most challenging foreign relations challenges.

Seriously if anyone hasn't contacted you yet just send in a résumé. My skillset is pretty limited, and the background check would probably be a nightmare, but I'm pretty good at reading geopolitics, and grabbing a rough (U//FOUO) idea of whats going on somewhere. The two other things you should know about the CIA is first, that they kinda suck at their job, they are the Keystone Kops of the intelligence world. No, I already did 4.5 years at a defense contractor and that was more than enough of my share of government-related work. Do not tell people to google answers, it’s a rule of the subreddit. Also despite what you've seen in the movies, the CIA does not run around shooting people all the time. These people pose as businessmen, journalists, aid workers, whatever and conduct more sensitive operations. The more education you have, the better: get them to pay for your PhD. The schools that you would go to study intelligence is something like a "Staff School". Is that even a good idea and is it possible to get into a graduate program with an engineering bachelors degree? Apply, they'll call you if interested, be prepared on the spot to answer any and all questions related to world events. I didn't get any while in the Marine Corps specifically for this reason. I will definitely consider it.

If they like your interview they'll tell you to go to the in-person, they'll tell you when, where, what to bring. Based on this website they could make as low as $38K a year or as high as $119K a year. An officer may work under official cover, where they are posted to a US embassy somewhere with a bullshit job title like "deputy attache of cultural affairs" or something. The online application site covers jobs ranging from HR assistant to paramilitary operations officer. Officers manage agents. The CIA Is not a law enforcement agency. Like any big organization the CIA has tons of different jobs, everything from lawyers to analysts to economists to accountants to various scientists. If so you need to do a ton of reading up about the application process, but more importantly you need to read up on what those jobs actually are (ie not like in the movies). No thanks. Even the FBI does not require prior law enforcement experience, and the CIA has zilch to do with law enforcement. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm currently a junior at a top university majoring in electrical engineering, but not particularly interested in doing electrical engineering work in the future.

Nothing much to it. It's the other way around, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Intelligence community. Id assume if you apply online, much like most recruiting software these days, it’s safe to assume you’d be filtered out and never actually be looked at. They typically wear military fatigues with no ID on them and lurk in swamps, they don't wear Armani tuxes and hang out in Monte Carlo casinos, loudly announcing their real name to everyone in the place. Totally a culture of "over-promise and under-deliver; what are they going to do to us, we're the only game in town?"

--Analysts are people who sit at a desk poring over reams of information form both public and classified sources, then write reports about what they think is going on in the world. I used to pretend I was an asset, even packing an extra suitcase of "spy stuff" when we would go on vacation. How should one go about obtaining those skills you listed? (See here: The National Intelligence University (NIU), (formerly known as the National Defense Intelligence College and the Joint Military Intelligence College), is an education and research institution that is federally chartered to prepare United States Intelligence Community (USIC) personnel for senior positions in the USIC and the national security structure. Also since you have your degree you can enlist as and E-4 or commission as an Intelligence Officer. Why would you better at working in intelligence than anyone else? My boyfriend went to Blackhat and Defcon, paid by his job, and has always said that Blackhat is much better professional-wise.

EDIT: nvm the guy below me has more accurate data. The advantage is that gives them full diplomatic immunity, and they can't get so much as a parking ticket. What job? The taxpayers flew me to DC, put me up in a hotel, and paid for my meals for a day. Should I be part of IC before I apply to these staff schools? It sounds like this guy lost the opportunity to possibly recruit some good people. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Denver, Colorado via Chicago, via Seattle, via DC, via Orlando. Don't go in at a disadvantage: aim higher and make them pay for your doctorate. Agencies of interest: CIA, FSB, KGB, Stasi, Mossad, NSA, NRO, FBI, GCHQ, ASIS, Military … As for starting a career, I went from business intelligence (Maltego, elbow grease) to writing transforms for Maltego and I shared my views (later a paper) on importing a certain commodity into a certain country. Apply. So are the books.

Are you talking about the Graduate Mathematics Program? Why do you want to work in intelligence in lieu of another career? --Finally, there's the black ops guys, the Special Activities Division, who are mostly military or paramilitary, who go out and do unsavory things. The CIA has essentially three broad types of "spy.". | FAQs | ^Mods | Magic ^Words. Are you meaning the Clandestine Service? aim higher and make them pay for your doctorate. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the NoStupidQuestions community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Do you have any advice as to what I should do for the upcoming summer? CIA is not a law enforcement agency. MOST stars show up on the wall during times of actual shooting wars, when officers might be in real combat zones. How do you feel about having no real privacy the rest of your life? Thanks for the suggested readings! Read "Legacy of Ashes" by Tim Weiner for a well-researched history of the CIA's bumblefuckery. I've never worked for IC in America, and I doubt I ever could because of previous work. This. There is one for "OUT OF BOUNDS: Innovation and change in Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis". I’ve known s few people in the intel field and most of them are actually pretty cool people.

That sounds like a surefire way to undermine your family's financial stability.

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