Caleb's autopsy showed that his cause of death was attributed to asphyxiation, strangulation, multiple blunt force traumas, and seizures. Barbara was questioned after the deaths and said she fell ill herself after drinking the rum and coke.

He died on December 30, 2018 in Island Harbour, Anguilla. Moreover, there are several other factors to take into consideration when reviewing the unfortunate events that transpired on Dec 31st 2018.
Another interesting thing to note, also from the True Crime Real Time Podcast, is that the survivors alleged they were given two options from the police. Because most people who use cocaine and ecstasy socially tell their families that. I believe that was a typo, they look similar in age in pictures. To date, … How do you think the death of 2 American citizens would look upon the "statistics" put out? Everything isn't as black and white as the media and news outlets report, as there has been a lot of mystery and unclear evidence in this case from day one.

“The medical professional we had read the death certificate [and] … Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. This would prevent the bodies from being examined further. And just the one shoe too? Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. The trio had been friends since they were nine years old, so it was not unusual for them to take trips together. Or maybe he was also an intended victim & either didn't ingest the poison properly or figured out what was happening before poison incapicated him. Barbara and the others have refused to return to Anguilla. Naive question: what’s the difference between mdma and mda? Once EMS arrived, Caleb was pronounced dead on the scene. There are three more people to intimidate!! “The medical professional we had read the death certificate [and] told us it goes along the lines that he was poisoned.” There was a mixture of MDA and cocaine present in lethal levels, but neither Caleb nor Casey had been known to use drugs.

Same thing x1000.

Honestly, I don't really care about the reasons consenting adults are together any more than I care about their genders, races, etc. In loving memory of Casey Scott MacPherson Pomeroy who was tragically killed on the Caribbean island of Anguilla December, 2018. They were released on January 4th, 2019, and on this same day, Barbara filed a claim with Casey's life insurance.

This case, tho, has some very dubious facts and they certainly don't add up to happy couples.

Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillory were in Anguilla with friends the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Whenever family members claim someone wasn't known to use drugs, I'm like... right.

The third couple that ended up with both parties still alive - did they ever say anything? So, did their wives commit the murders, or was it a stranger? In order to be released from custody, the group had to pay $40,000, but they were not charged, so it is unclear what this payment went towards. He must have been really messed up. Two men mysteriously died on the island paradise of Anguilla.

Or that the other couple, one of whom being a lifelong friend of both men, were either complicit to or unaware of the plot to murder them. -- Casey MacPherson's autopsy report is missing six pages, which Anguilla has refused to explain or account for.

However, Caleb's autopsy presented something very different. At the end of it all Casey left behind a legacy of extreme love, kindness, and hard work.
Their families want answers, but right now all there is are questions as authorities work to figure out how two longtime friends died the day before New Year’s Eve 2018. The True Crime Real Time podcast also mentions that Chuck and his wife Alicia were planning to divorce due to the events that transpired on this trip. I can understand arresting everyone in sight till some answers were found, but I wouldn't think they could extort $40,000 and then insist that they had to concede there's at least one murder and an overdose. However, there is no record of charges being filed, and Casey's family suspect Barbara made this up to garner sympathy. If I'm not guilty, no one will rest till I figure out who the hell did it. He didn’t realize this as he was walking? Shortly after, he stopped breathing. True, there are many cases of couples that are truly in love despite major age differences. Sorry if I missed that.

If they disagreed with that statement, an investigation would be opened where they would all be considered suspects, and they would not be able to leave the island. Increased crime rates (especially due to murder) = less tourists = less money. Looking for something to watch? Unfortunately, Caleb and Casey did not make it back from Anguilla. If Barbara wanted to kill Casey, there is no reason to involve Caleb’s wife.

As @blueskies8484 points out, it’s an important detail because it speaks to the state of mind the group members were on. Caleb’s death certificate also noted that he had suffered from asphyxia, strangulation and chest compression; Casey’s cited seizure and cardiac and pulmonary distress.

That’s a pretty big age gap between Casey and Barbara - Barbara is 25 years older than Casey? “Pulmonary edema, cardiac toxicity, cardia ischemia, hypothermia, and seizures,” Casey's sister, Debanee MacPherson-Udall, said. He was an actor and producer, known for, Handsome, Virile and Sexy American and International Men Who Certainly Have the Potential for Stardom, Scripted U.S. TV series that lasted 20 seasons or more, IMDb's 25th Anniversary: The 25 Most Voted on TV Titles on IMDb with Less Than 5.0 Rating, Russel Fish: The Sausage and Eggs Incident, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s.

On the night of 2018 New Year’s Eve, two of the men, Casey and Caleb, were killed. The insurance police was for $1.5M, however, it has not yet been paid out due to the pending inquest. In an interview with the True Crime Real Time Podcast, Debanee says that Casey led somewhat of a "double-life" with his acting career and life with Barbara. To be let go from a crime you did commit but managed to pay your way out of? I think this detail isn't very accurate, I read 3 different versions of it. Medical student and actor/producer Casey Scott MacPherson Pomeroy and his friend Caleb Wilder Guillory mysteriously died on the caribbean island of Anguilla, December 30, 2018. In fact, she landed up in the hospital while stating someone intentionally tainted her drink.

The autopsies were completed on January 7th, 2019. Upon returning to the apartment, Casey realized he had forgotten his shoe. He was an actor and producer, known for The Perfect House (2013), The Bold and the Beautiful (1987) and The Hotel Barclay (2013). Caleb, also 37, was one of Casey's lifelong childhood friends.

McPherson police said Sunday they have taken a man into custody on murder charges after another man was found dead in a home Friday evening.

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