powers the black relay). My fuse box looks different then the one showing.

If the correct voltage is present, but the pump does not activate, it is likely faulty. sry i was off, by one, it is the 3rd one across. Attach it to the new one.

I doubt that but would the blocked filter cut completely the fuel ? Catch any dripping fuel with a cloth as you remove it. If you haven’t yet please subscribe to my newsletter here to stay up to date on a weekly post on subjects like diagnosing,  repair,  industry news and much much more.

Next, lift the line straight up to remove it. the passenger side is the pump and the driver side is the sender unit. And yes the starter turns, car won't start. Slide the fuel unit into the fuel tank.

Then immediately place the fuel pump module in the bucket to minimize spilled fuel. check fuel pressure readings using software? If the collar is damaged during this process, you will need to replace it with a new part. For this article and case study, the spoiler alert here is that the low-pressure fuel pump has in fact died and I did end up replacing it. So hopefully u have pwr at the fuel pump,,,,  let us kno the out come ... the pump is in the tank, you have to yank up the bottom of the back seat HARD to take it off, and you get access through there.

Keep us posted. For the BMW 5 E60, E61 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 model year.

He also said that he had engine power loss before it went completely dead, could it still be a relay ? First thing is first we have to verify the problem but that was easy because I knew it did not start to begin with so next step in the direction I wanted to take with this car was to check the actual fuse located in the trunk. So basically the control unit sends a voltage supply to the pump via (pulse width modulated) current. Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle.

A fuel pump or in other cases an electric motor can fail for few reasons but in this case, the actual magnet within the fuel pump assembly deteriorated and broke leaving pieces everywhere. Can I check the fuel pressure when engine is off ? It cranks completely fine as I said but you can tell that when cranking there is no sign of fuel burning. I did use my android phone. Then pull the driver side sender unit out of the tank and place it somewhere safe but be careful that you might leak fuel all over the place.

Based on that we finally decided that it was the HP pump was gone, took the car to one garage and ordered the pump.

I doubt that but would the blocked filter cut completely the fuel ? So I guess now I need to check the filter and pump. For this, I snapped a picture using my snap-on vantage two channel scope and uploaded it from the machine to my computer. Does the car have full power? Did you find the relay in your car if so could u tell me where it is?

After I found this blown fuse I went ahead and replaced that fuse with a good one I sat in the driver seat and cranked away at the ignition switch only to result in the fuse being blown again. Hold the carpet out of the way.


after that then go over to the passenger side and remove the fuel pump slowly without breaking any of the plastic hoses.

I have a d-can cable which was originally bought for mine, so I'll be using that if so. Join us in our Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.

See our tech article on Seats removing.

Remove the access panel lid (green arrow) from the body by lifting it up.

If you suspect your fuel pump has failed, you can confirm the fuel pump has received the correct voltage when commanded ON by the fuel pump relay using a digital volt ohm-meter (DVOM). BMW EKP fuel pump control unit.

I believe that there won't be any pressure in the system as you don't hear any pump starting or the noise when diesel flows in the system ?! When replacing, work in a well-ventilated area. 5 bar (73 psi). Fill the fuel tank with about two gallons of fuel before attempting to start the vehicle.

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