To get an idea of what anglers thought was the best wahoo lure a poll was started on the Facebook group Wahoo Junkies. Mylar color options include red-black, green, blue thunder, and pink-silver. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. The running depth is 15-30 feet at speeds up to 13 knots. All of these variables could influence what rods you would want on your boat. The lure needs to be used on a planer, downrigger, or with an inline weight. If the reel is spooled with a braided line using a shock leader is a good idea and will discuss below. The head of the lure is a jet that makes large bubble trails under the water. AND free returns and Prime shipping, as well as being Amazon’s choice. MagTrak is 10 inches long and weighs about 12.5 ounces. Even if you’re trolling, you’ll want to cast your line out into the right direction. Bost Wahoo Wonder High-Speed Trolling Lure, 21. This can happen when fighting a nice fish and wreck the excitement really quickly.

These jigs are typically dropped with no resistance in a free fall for 60-90 seconds. This comes fully rigged on 480-pound multistrand cable and has a single 11/0 hook placed on a short 900-pound cable.

Mike Genoun. This is a multiple trolling winning lures for wahoo and works great for high-speed trolling. Color options include black-pink mackerel, hot pink mackerel, orange mackerel, phantom, sardine, silver-green mackerel, and Spanish mackerel.

A chin weight acts as a keel weight so the ballyhoo runs upright. 5 Drivable Fishing Destinations. Sounds obvious. When using inline planers or trolling weights with shock lines the leaders will need to be pulled in by hand. If there is any resistance at all that is no bueno... Penn Torque 25n star drag with the upgraded T-Bar handle is a wahoo killing machine on a Calstar 875H. Home » Best Saltwater Fishing Lures » 34 Best Wahoo Lures and Tips on How to Catch Wahoo. Alternately, if this is a “because I can” set up, the best trolling rod for wahoo might be something that’s not too pricey but can get the job done. Color options include blue-silver, red-silver, silver-silver, and green-silver. At high speeds, the Ilander is often placed over a long rubber skirt and double hook rig. The deep-diving lip of this lure is nice because you do not need to run the lure on a planer, downrigger, or heavyweight. Sportfishing is a team sport. Color options are red, purple or black skirts with chrome heads. So be sure to listen to what they are saying, even in the midst of the excitement. Fiblink 1-Piece Saltwater Offshore Trolling Rod Conventional Boat Rod Carbon Fishing Pole(6-Feet, 30-50lb/50-80lb/80-120lb). The wire is #9 105 pound test. I hope these suggestions help you catch more wahoo! This is basically knock off of the Yo Zuri Bonita. The only issue is that the 600NN is so narrow that the clamp wont fit around the reel seat. This is a slant style head and is keel weighted to keep the lure upright. Also included are 2 shock leaders with 250-pound test monofilament and 2 trolling weights that weigh 38 ounces each. The Huntington drone spoon is 5-1/2 inches and weighs 1-1/8 ounces. Each lure is 12 inches long and weighs 8-ounces. 11702 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 PM This MagBay Plomero is 16 inches in length and weighs 17 ounces. It can also be placed on a planer or downrigger. This helps the setup have some stretch when the wahoo first bites. 27 Best Tuna Fishing Lures by Captain Cody. Mister Big Jet High-Speed Trolling Lure, 8. If the reel is spooled with 60-100 monofilament a shock leader is not even needed. When a fish strikes the speed should be slowly backed off until the boat is at a slow troll speed but still moving forward. This small Boost The Bullet #81 is 10 inches in length and weighs 5 ounces. If you are going to be targeting wahoo trolling at under 14 knots then this is a must-have lure. But trust and believe: 80lbs of wahoo is definitely enough to make a lifetime memory, and that’s right in this rod’s wheelhouse So if you aren’t looking to break the bank, this is definitely one of the best trolling rods for wahoo. Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall Deep Drop Jig, 28. This one color pattern is called the black mamba. A 16 ounce Sincero works well at speeds up to about 14 knots and then a heavier lure is a better option. The Hawaiian Kona is 8 inches in length and weighs 4.5 ounces. Shimano Butterfly flat-fall jigs have sizes that range from 2-3/4 ounce to 11.5 ounces.

Color options are black-purple, pink, white-pink, and blue. A skirted squid bait with a heavy lead head it the easiest way to get started fishing for wahoo. The autotune system helps create vibrating action at both low and high speeds. Fiblink has a very solid choice for you, and it makes a strong case for being included as one of the best trolling rods for wahoo. This lure can also be fished like a blade bait used for bass fishing. Especially if they are bringing a gaffed fish over the rail. The dark colors like black, red or purple work particularly well on wahoo. In fact, the only critical reviews seem to be folks with some trouble around “reel alignment”. These do work well for high-speed wahoo trolling. Inline trolling weights should be used when high-speed trolling with any lure less than and 16 ounces. The Madmacs 160 is 6 inches in length, weighs 9 ounces, and dives 4-12 feet deep.

It is rigged with 5 feet of 90 lb coated wire and a size 8/0 hook.

But common sense is a bit of a misnomer if it’s not common at all. Don’t put in all the work finding the best fishing rods for wahoo just to injure yourself or others. These jet head lures are 24 ounces each and 14 inches in length. For the Valiant 600N. The treble hooks are 3 extra strong and connected with through wire connection in the body of the lure. The rig above is a wire ballyhoo rig that can be used with almost any bullet head shape skirt lure to catch wahoo. With options like these, you should feel on track for choosing the best trolling rods for wahoo that’s going to work for you. JavaScript is disabled. Finally, the Madmacs 240 is 10 inches in length, weighs 13.5 ounces, and dives 4-15 feet deep. Attach the rig to a hefty pole and a 30-80 class reel and you are ready to …

Trolling with chin weighted mullet is a unique way to troll for wahoo.

The lures are rigged with 6 feet of 480-pound steel cable. Black and blues seem to work well as do black and red. More How To. One note of caution to be had, is that some of the reviews are for some fishing pliers (thinking face emoji). Wahoo can swim up to 60 miles per hour. This EatMy Tackle jet high speed trolling lure is 24 ounces and 14-inches in length. Give people a heads up when you are casting. When retrieving the planer the boat should be slowed down and the line should be kept away from the propellers. This is one of the easiest lures to use while high-speed trolling. If the fish is not tired out yet that is more easily said then done. You do not need to use your fingers to test this fact out. Since this is a several-year old thread that was revived: "The best kind of fish in the world is the one on the end of your line". The two main styles of wahoo fishing are high speed trolling and regular speed trolling. Nomad and MagBay now have similar high speed trolling lures. A good place to jig for wahoo is in depths up to 500 feet around structure such as wrecks, reefs, humps, or under sargassum weed and debris that is holding mahi-mahi. The DTX minnow is the strongest lure out of all lip diving plugs and has an autotune feature and Hydrospeed Belly that allows the lure to run true at high rates of speed. Size 10/0 stainless steel hooks are used. This lure has a double skirt and comes fully rigged with double hooks size 10/0 – 11/0 on cable that is 280 pounds or stronger. it fits the Alps reels seats no problem on the Predator rods. However, for 60 bucks and free returns, you might just want to make the gamble. This is enough weight to get the lure deep beneath the turbulence wake caused by the boat. This is a 12-inch MagBay Plomerito that weighs 8-ounces. Just stagger two 24 ounce lures way behind the boat and troll 14-18 knots and you should have success if there are wahoo in the area. These lures are hand made in the USA.

This lure can be trolled up to about 16 knots without adding an inline weight. The MagBay Desperado is 7.5 inches in length and weighs 7 ounces. Trolling this fast is not a trivial task however and heavy lures and big game reels with quality drag are required. I have 2, GP80' UC Predators that I'm building as we speak. Color options include black-red, dorado, glow, purple marlin, pink lady, and gold sardine. The snap swivel is a Billfisher 320-pound ball bearing snap swivel. The ballyhoo can be secured with a bait spring, rubberband, or rigging wire. Being 34 ounces this lure can be trolled up to 18 knots and does not need an inline trolling weight. There is also a magnum 40 which is 7-inches in length and weighs 3-3/8 ounce. Adding a clip like the one on this rig prevents that. This jet lure is 6 inches long and weighs 2.19 ounces. This comes rigged on multi-strand cable with a single 9/0 hook and hammered nickel spinner blade. MagBay Sincero lures come in weights from 8 to 34 ounces. A 50 class reel is a great size! The large eye is encased in the urethane head. ANY NEW THOUGHTS on an old topic -- BEST REEL for WAHOO LURES/Bombs ???? This lure is very similar to Billy Baits Mister Big lure. Those two factors give you free torque without gear drag loss. Thanks for visiting Global Fishing Reports. It includes two Rum Cay Candy lures, two San Sal Candy lures, four 24 ounce trolling weights, and four 20 foot shock leaders that are 300-pound strength. This makes is so you can troll fast and get the lure below the surface. Chafe gear is used on both sides of the wire crimps. A short 6 to 12-inch number 7 wire which is a 69-pound test is all that is needed. For recreation fishermen, this is the easy way to fish for wahoo. It is let out using a yo-yo hand spool and is then tied to the back cleat on the boat. It should be run at the surface at 6-10 knot troll speeds. Design by Blue Water Marketing, How to Rig Weedless Ballyhoo for Trolling. Bost The Bullet lures come on in three versions. The lure is made with through wire connections and swivels connecting each hook. It comes rigged on 275-pound multi-strand cable with a 9/0 hook and spinner blade.

Even the large weights won’t set the lures really deep but will get them under the water enough for wahoo to see while traveling at high speeds.

This is very similar to the 32-ounce cowbell style lure that has been used for years. It works well well places far back in the spread and is small enough to still catch large tuna and mahi-mahi. If there is a downrigger on the boat these same methods can be used just make sure you have strong adjustable downrigger release clips. But it’s important that you remember that there are some cardinal rules for safety too. If you have any suggestions for top wahoo lures and baits, leave a comment below! To rig ballyhoo, the hook is placed in near the gill and out the underside of the bait like normal. A multi-strand cable is flexible and less likely to bend, kink, and not run straight. In that case, the best trolling rods for wahoo will be ones designed to stan dup to the abuse. The Iland Ilander is an 8.25-inch lure that weighs 4-ounces. This is the best looking and heaviest sea witch style lure on the market. It is designed to run up to 40 feet deep at speeds up to 13 knots. This Rapala X-Rap Magnum 30 is 6.25 inches and weighs 2-1/2 ounces. Longer Rods, Longer Boats, Longer Trips, Lighter Loads.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

High speed trolling for wahoo is a popular fishing method used to catch wahoo. Blacks and purple combinations are a favorite of many anglers. While a smaller reel like a 30W may do the job as well, the drag found on a 50W reel will prove to be a much better option over time and will save you from getting spooled by a monster over 100lbs.

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