[91], The majority of cultists were dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and humans. Asmodeus allowed her to hire whomever she wanted for her personal staff, even to headhunting from other archdevils. 5e Otherwordly Patron: Asmodeus 5th Edition I was reading the warlock, planning out a character in case mine dies (I tend to die alot and i like creating characters, so i always have a spare one prepared usually) And eventually came to choose The fiend Asmodeus as my patron. Asmodeus fell as they struggled over the proper role of Law, eventually plummeting all the way to the Serpent's Coil in Baator. [57] In fact, she was contractually imprisoned by Asmodeus. No boons, no nothing. It instead implies that Serpent's Coil is shaped for the spiraling path Asmodeus fell, and that Malsheem sits at the bottom of that canyon. Overall, he had charismatic and beautiful looks that captivated people. The best specimen of this new species in every regard was Asmodeus. [43] Through this means, he built a great army, which was stationed in Malsheem, a giant fortress so large that it was considered unmappable. Kind of at a loss here. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Asmodeus_(D%26D)?oldid=3831984. Or using infernal weapons. A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First Edition roots to its Fifth Edition future. It was from his blood the first of them arose. As to what kinds of boons/requests/whatever, that depends highly on what kind of tone you want and what kind of situations are presented. [112], It was believed that Asmodeus, at some point, financed a project to create the yugoloths. He then ended the Blood War by forcing the Abyss underneath the Elemental Chaos. This was a school of thought (one that came into being without Asmodeus' doing) that posited that gods were not gods but just another form of powerful creature. [33], However, like any other greater deity, he could create up to ten avatars.

I chose fiend, and then devil (don't want to deal with demons' bs), and was looking for a named devil to make a deal with, and got lost in Wikipedia's rabbit hole of lore. Setting canonicity is not of concern only to the fans, it is of concern to the publishers as well because it establishes a continuity, which is rather important to a setting like the Forgotten Realms (or any setting with a storyline, really). He annually called the archdevils (including Levistus) to his court.

His underlings' actions served as a smokescreen to hide his true intentions from others. He's a perfect fit for a warlock patron. I made a fiend pact warlock for rise of tiamat. The Lord of Lies's goal was not to make the gods kill each other directly, but to make the gods pit their followers against each other, thus showing mortals that the gods were petty and turning them away from worship. [108], Asmodeus was acknowledged as the oldest devil in existence, but not everyone believed him to be the first ruler of Baator,[3] and they were correct. Pantheon His voice carried an irresistible suggestion that made people subservient to him for ten to hundred days. Not in person, but he might send a lesser functionary to ask the pc to do a thing in exchange for a payment. Like your PC might have found a book or ancient arcane focus of some sort that allows him to tap into the powers of Asmodeus, essentially binding his soul to the Fiend in order to use his powers.

To make transportation difficult, Asmodeus actually enclosed the document in a giant ruby weighing over 20 tons (18,000 kilograms). [74], In the Pact Primeval version of Asmodeus's origin myth, Dispater was Asmodeus' companion since before they even went to Baator. [96], Having failed to choose a center for the multiverse, the two lawful entities had effectively honored chaos by making every plane infinitely big and therefore every place being the center.

[69], Asmodeus didn't need mortal worship to either maintain or enhance his power, but rather wanted to lure mortals to atheism to receive their souls and heal his wounds. After this pronouncement, Zariel, at that time still an angel, started a brawl to get to the front row to get her case heard. [41], Being a man to whom his privacy and safety were important, he usually remained within his fortress of Malsheem, primarily using other people to make his will clear to others.

In case these abilities did not work, Asmodeus had a strong tendency to retreat and let his minions deal with his enemies.

The Warlock's player has been upset with me in the past, saying that making her make living sacrifice for boons, and that the boons given (1d8 to all ability checks, and 1d8 … Alignment His inspiration is Satan from Christianity. Instead, he broke away and became a demon lord himself. They're a Warlock and they get Warlock things. [28], All his plans were done with the goal to destroy the entire construct of the Outer Planes. [29] But he knew the war could restart at any time and with a united demonic front, if he did anything like invading the Abyss. Again in 2nd edition, Hellbound: The Blood War and Faces of Evil: The Fiends present another version of Baator and Asmodeus's history and origins. Such manipulations were very subtle and took centuries to bear fruit. 1st Edition Statistics[18]

The gods agreed and the Pact Primeval was signed. Gargauth left either because he tried and failed to oust Asmodeus and had to flee or because Asmodeus killed Beherit, Gargauth's closest ally, which prompted the Outcast to leave.

Nessus Like summoning devils.

[106], Publicly, the other gods condemned Asmodeus's actions, but privately some started making deals with the future lord of devils, because He Who Was had been infamous for his incompetence, which would have caused the gods' defeat in the Dawn War and with it their end. Asmodeus maintained a stable secret alliance with Pazuzu, who served as his general and was vital in eventually killing He Who Was. Asmodeus made sure that this justice system was not independent, but beholden to Asmodeus.[48]. [98], As far as killing demons was concerned, Asmodeus was the most successful of the angels.

[132] Most of the time, Asmodeus overpowered Azuth, using his divine powers while the God of Wizards was in a dormant state. Baator [24] He also recruited new ones. [81] He was still subject to Asmodeus and had the ironic duty to offer desperate people, especially those whose life was in danger, an escape from dangerous situations. There's absolutely no proof one way or another if Asmodeus is going to stay a god, or not. [88] Furthermore, every diabolic cult was viewed as a subdivision of Asmodeus's cult and ultimately swore allegiance to him and not the entity it followed. He had absolute control over the Nine Hells and with his mind he could change the landscape of any layer in any way he wanted when he wanted. [28], When faced directly, he presented himself as a confident and eloquent man who was quite reasonable to talk with.

[134], After the Spellplague, Asmodeus re-instituted Belial as an archdevil, which presumably meant that he'd demoted Fierna from that position. Lawful evil [3] That said, Asmodeus was effectively freed from the infernal duty of meeting a quota of damned souls, because every damned soul was damned under Asmodeus' name and therefore every soul was also beholden to him.

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