There were also a small number of 1978 Chevy Monza S and Pontiac Sunbird models that were built using the same bodyshell as the Vega and Astre Hatchback coupe, but as far as I know, none using the 2-door sedan(notchback) bodyshell. I agree with PDXbryan when he says that cars like this still have This thing has Lemons written all over it.. strip it, add the missing column and your choice of vanilla small block power and go!!! To my midwest eye, it looks pretty solid, but then again, I can’t see the floorboards. The Grand Safari wagons, as did other GM full-sized wagons during these years, used a unique rear suspension with multi-leaf springs instead of the coil springs used on other full-sized Pontiacs, and other full-sized GM cars. So, here we are a decade later with a crappy design with a new front clip, selling in 1979. Don't post your car for sale in the comments. OK, I remember when cars had 85-mph speedos, but this one only goes to 80, apparently. I have one of the 78 Sunbird Safari, and it is one of only 8,000 ever produced. I find it rather odd that the dash has a sweep-style speedo rather than the two-hole instrument cluster more like the Monza. Detroit does have a record of making small cars livable. You plopped into the seat to get in, and grabbed whatever you could to climb out again. The engine bay on this Safari presents really well, although it looks like there may have been some liberal use of the detailing spray under there. Worth rescuing? However, this car did have one good thing going for it: an even-fire Buick V6 under the hood.

But, she couldn’t get credit to buy a new car on her wages, so we ended up with a used 1977 Olds Delta 88 Holiday coupe.

At 231.3 in (5,875 mm) in length the 1974-76 Grand Safaris are the longest Pontiacs ever built.

their place in the automotive landscape. For me, the lack of any sort of coolant films, oil marks, and corrosion, are all good signs. Probably a 76-77. Therefore, performance and economy of these cars is surprisingly good, although it definitely isn’t a muscle car. This is a car that was a decade old in 1979. Must have been the price. I could see a custom chassis from either Art Morrison or the Roadster Shop being installed in this wagon, with an E-Rod or LSX 454 being installed in the engine bay. There were still a few of these things in the student lot when I was a freshman in high school. I kinda like the front end styling – Canadian or otherwise. In 1979, GM had 60% of the US auto market. No really, look how well it has held up. saying “What’s old is what’s new again.”. It's powered courtesy of a naturally aspirated engine of 2.5 litre capacity. What I remember was 6 mpg. Vega Kammback was cool, but it was no AMC Eagle Kammback (see: Gremlin-sort of with Eagle front end). Classic 1979 Pontiac LeMans for sale #2428450 $10,995. Meanwhile, the interior could be custom. That one looks pretty decent.

Wow!! These wagons thus could run with smaller engines, either a standard 301-cubic-inch (4.93 l) or optional 403-cubic-inch (6.60 l) V8; a 350-cubic-inch (5.7 l) V8 was additionally offered on 1978 models.

This is a list that features cars like 1989 Pontiac Safari and 1990 Pontiac 6000 Station Wagon. I didn’t realize this car had a stick! However, this car did have one good thing going for it: an even-fire Buick V6 under the hood.

Think of it. Too bad they weren’t better cars. The owner claims that it has covered a genuine 18,000 miles, but doesn’t state whether this claim can be verified.

Having said that, the 6th Generation Bonneville, of which this is a part, did lose 800lbs in total weight when compared to the 5th Generation cars. Catalina and Bonneville continued to have the station wagon label only. Bonus: My dad had a ’78 Monza with a 350. in droves just to lend credance to the old I’m going to say yes. The 1977 Grand Safari was downsized considerably, with wheelbase cut to 115.9-inch (2,940 mm) inches, length to less than 216-inch (5.5 m) and weight to just over 4,000-pound (1,800 kg) pounds. I have a Catalina Safari with 28k and a Grand Safari with 17k. Then, last week, I discovered this Sunbird Safari at another Denver self-service yard. NADA lists the value as being between $8,850 and $13,000! 1979 Pontiac Sunbird Sport Safari Station Wagon: This car has a 3 door estate/station wagon body style with a front mounted engine driving through the rear wheels. My mom had a Monza coupe with the 305 V8. Is there more rust on this car we can’t see? 1978 - 1979 Firebird Kammback Station Wagon. Even if they couldn’t get the quality quite right GM certainly nailed the styling.

This hasn’t deterred potential buyers, because while bidding may have opened at $200, it has already soared to $12,301. The 1971 to 1976 models were the largest Pontiacs ever built. It is kind of cool how the Vega Kammback and Astre Safari lived on past the demise of the Vega and Astre as part of the 1978 and 79 Chevrolet Monza S and Pontiac Sunbird lines. It was very short sighted. Must have been the water.

This Safari is just the ticket for that cross-country trip to Walley World, following in the footsteps of Clark Griswold. Interior trim included hard plastic lower door like other B-bodies, not padded vinyl as used on C-bodies.

While that’s a nice combination, vehicle weight is going to blunt performance. What really blows my mind is the fact that the radio in the car is a unit from Sears!

These wagons ran with V8 engines of either 400 or 455 cubic inches. Kinda weird when you consider that Pontiac was GM’s “sporty” division.

Too bad I’m tapped Original owner?

The Sunbird Safari was only made for the 1978-79 years. The rest of the interior presents exceptionally well, and while it is never stated, I have a feeling that this wagon is fitted with a third-row seat. And at 5,112 lb (2,319 kg) shipping weight, or about 5,300 lb (2,400 kg) curb weight, the three-seat 1974 Grand Safari wagons are easily the heaviest Pontiacs ever built.

In 1979, the Grand Safari's name was changed to Bonneville Safari. It makes me sad that it died, although I realize that it would still take a tune-up wizard to make a V6 Sunbird run with a Smart car.

But it remained unique to GM, and would be subsequently eliminated when GM reduced the length of their wagons by about a foot in 1977, and the overriding concern became increased fuel economy. Click on each vehicle's name for more detailed information about it.

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